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Fluid Dynamics (FD)

Dr. Cary K Turangan

Dr. Cary K Turangan

Research Interests:

  • CFD applications in bubble dynamics, shock waves, heavy oil transport and in multiphase flow
  • Hydrocode development, free-Lagrange, Godunov and Finite Volume methods
  • Pulse Detonation Engine, Rotational Detonation Engine and wind tunnel testing


  • PhD, Aeronautical Engineering, University of Southampton, UK, 2004
  • BE (Hons), Mechanical Engineering, University of Tasmania, Australia, 1998

Published Journals/ Articles:

Published Journals/ Articles

    • Jamaluddin, A.R., Ball, G.J., Turangan, C.K. & Leighton, T.G. 2011 The collapse of single bubbles and approximation of the far-field acoustic emissions for cavitation induced by shock wave lithotripsy. J. Fluid Mech. 677, 305-341.
    • Turangan, C.K., Jamaluddin, A.R., Ball, G.J. & Leighton, T.G. 2008 Free-Lagrange simulations of the expansion and jetting collapse of air bubbles in water. J. Fluid Mech.� 598, 1-25.
    • Turangan, C.K., Ong, G.P., Klaseboer, E. & Khoo, B.C. 2006 Experimental and numerical study of transient bubble-elastic membrane interaction. J. Appl. Phys. 100, 054910.

    • Klaseboer, E., Turangan, C.K. & Khoo, B.C. 2006 Dynamic behaviour of a bubble near an elastic infinite interface. Int. J. Multiphase Flow 32, 1110-1122.
    • Fong, S.W., Klaseboer, E., Turangan, C.K., Liu T.G., Khoo, B.C. & Hung, K.C. 2006 Numerical analysis of a gas bubble near bio-materials in an ultrasound field. Ultrasound in Med. & Biol. 32, 925-942.
    • Klaseboer, E., Turangan, C.K., Fong, S.W., Liu T.G., Khoo, B.C. & Hung, K.C. 2006 Simulations of pressure pulse-bubble interaction using boundary element method. Comput. Methods Appl. Mech. Engrg. 195, �4287-4302�.
    • Ong, G.P., Khoo, B.C., Turangan, C.K., Klaseboer, E. & Fong, S.W. 2005 Behaviour of oscillating bubbles near elastic membranes: A numerical and experimental study. Modern Physics Letters B 19(28-29), 1579-1582.


    • Turangan, C.K., Ball, G.J. & Khoo, B.C. 2005 A Free-Lagrange simulation of plastic deformation in a notched aluminium layer due to shock-induced bubble collapse. Proc. of the 25th Int. Symp. On Shock Waves, Bangalore, India, 17-22 July 2005.
    • Turangan, C.K. 2005 Free-Lagrange simulations of plastic deformation in aluminium induced by shock-bubble interaction. The 3rd MIT Conference on Computational Fluid & Solid Mechanics, Cambridge, MA, USA, 14-17 June 2005.
    • Fong, S.W., Klaseboer, E., Turangan, C.K., Khoo, B.C. & Hung, K.C. 2005 Bubble dynamics near biomaterials in ultrasound field - A numerical analysis using Boundary Element Method. ICCMS Louraki, Corinth, Greece, 21-26 Oct 2005.
    • Turangan, C.K., Ball, G.J. 2001 A Free-Lagrange Simulation of Cavitation Bubble Collapse near a Rigid Boundary, Proc. of the 23rd Int. Symp. on Shock Waves, Fort-Worth TX, USA, July 2001.

Book Chapter(s)


    • Hung, K.C., Klaseboer, E. Fong, S.W., Turangan, C.K., Khoo, B.C. & Liu, T.G. 2005 Simulations of pressure pulse-bubble interaction using boundary element method. In Computational Methods in Multiphase Flow III, Wessex Institute of Technology WIT Press.

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