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Fluid Dynamics (FD)

Dr. Dominic Denver John CHANDAR

Dr. Dominic Denver John CHANDAR

Research Interests:

  • Bird and insect flight
  • High Performance computing
  • GPU programming


  • PhD, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, 2006-2010
  • M.E, Aerospace Engineering, Indian Institute of Science(IISc), Bangalore, India, 2002-2004
  • B.E, Aeronautical Engineering, Park College of Engineering and Technology, Coimbatore, India, 1998-2002
  •        Research Experience    1. Postdoctoral Research Associate, University of Wyoming, (USA)  June 2010 - Oct 2013    2. Research Associate, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, Sep 2009 - April 2010    3. Scientist, Defence R & D Organization, Bangalore, India,  Sep 2004 - Dec 2005                              

Published Journals/ Articles:



    • Chandar, D., and Damodaran, M., “Computational Study of Unsteady Low Reynolds Number Airfoil Aerodynamics on Moving Overlapping Meshes”, AIAA Journal, Vol 46, No.2, pp. 429-438, 2008.
    •  Chandar, D., and Damodaran, M., “Numerical Study of the Free Flight Characteristics of a Flapping Wing in Low Reynolds Numbers”, AIAA Journal of AircraftVol 47, No 1, pp. 141-150, 2010.
    • Soni, K., Chandar, D., and Sitaraman, J., “Development of an Overset Grid Computational Fluid Dynamics Solver on Graphical Processing Units”, Computers and Fluids, Vol.58pp.1-142012.
    • Chandar, D., Sitaraman, J., and Mavriplis, D.J., “On the Integral Constraint of the Pressure Poisson Equation for Incompressible Flows on an Unstructured Grid”, International Journal of Computational Fluid Dynamics,  doi: 0.1080/10618562.2012.723127, 2012.
    • Chandar, D., Sitaraman, J., and Mavriplis, D.J., “CU++: An Object Oriented tool for Solving Partial differential Applications on GPUs”, Journal of Supercomputing(to appear), 2013, doi:10.1007/s11227-013-0985-9
    • Chandar, D., Sitaraman, J., and Mavriplis, D.J., “A GPU Based Incompressible Navier-Stokes solver on Moving Overset Grids”, International Journal for Computational Fluid Dynamics, 2013, doi: DOI:10.1080/10618562.2013.829915


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