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Material Science & Engineering (MSE)

Dr. CHIRILA Constantin Ciprian

Dr. CHIRILA Constantin Ciprian

Research Interests:

  • Interaction of femtosecond lasers with materials
  • Optical properties of materials
  • Simulation of ultrafast phenomena in materials


  • Ph.D. in Physics (University of Durham, UK)
  • M.Sc. in Physics (University of Bucharest, Romania)
  • B.Sc. in Physics (University of Bucharest, Romania)

Published Journals/ Articles:


    • C. C. Chirila, I. Dreissigacker, E. V. van der Zwan, and M. Lein, Emission times in high-order harmonic generation, Physical Review A 81, 033412 (2010)
    • C. C. Chirila and M. Lein, High-order harmonic generation in vibrating two-electron molecules, Chemical Physics 366, 54 (2009)
    • S. Baker et al., Probing proton dynamics in molecules on an attosecond time scale, Science 312, 424 (2006)


    • Atto-09, Kansas State University (USA)
    • ICONO-2007, Minsk (Belarus), invited talk
    • ICOMP 10, Quebec (Canada)

Book Chapter(s)

    • (together with Prof. Dr. Manfred Lein) Signatures of Molecular Structure and Dynamics in High-Order Harmonic Generation,Advances in Multi-Photon Processes and Spectroscopy 18 (2008), edited by S. H. Lin, A. A. Villaeys, and Y. Fujimura.


    • Recipient of the World Federation of Scientists (WFS) award for scientific activity (2011). "Best Fellow Prize" (to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Ettore Majorana Foundation and Centre for Scientific Culture).

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