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Disclaimer: Please note that these packages are planning-in-progress and intended to be offered in the near term. The final version of the packages may differ from the one in this brochure.


Mechanical Engineering

Consultancy Service Package - Stress Analysis of Mechanical Structures

Traditional design of structures involves simplified formulae with simplified assumptions and by physical testing of the structures. These methods are inaccurate and often very expensive.

Consultancy Service Package - Thermal Analysis of Mechanical Structures

The computation of temperature distribution is needed in many designs applications such as in thermal management, thermal stresses computation etc.

Training Package - Fatigue and Fracture

The intent of this course is to give a good understanding of structural failure due to repeated stresses and due to cracks.

Training Package - Mechanical Vibrations

This course gives a good understanding of vibrating structures and structure failures due to vibrations.

Electronics and Electrical Engineering

Consultancy Service Package - EMC Analysis of Electronic Systems: Radiated Emission, Susceptibility, and Shielding Effectiveness

Recent advancements in electronics and higher operational frequency range in data communications highlighted several important Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) issues in the industry.

Training Package - EMI & EMC in Electronic Products and Standards Compliance

The training course will provide a background overview and impart participants with knowledge in technologies applied in the fields of electromagnetic interference (EMI), electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and electrostatic discharge (ESD).



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