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Tapping onto our forte research capabilities in simulations and analysis, IHPC industry projects have greatly benefitted our industry collaborators, cultivating strong R&D ties, creating synergies and extracting their projects into long term partnership with the institute.


ERS Industries

When ERS Industries, a SME based in Singapore needed help in improving the design of its innovative next-generation server rack, it turned to A*STAR’s Institute of High Performance Computing (IHPC).

Established in 1995, ERS Industries manufactures innovative housing systems for equipment including server cabinets and rack for 2000 customer in Singapore and Malaysia.

A rack is a metal frame used to hold various rack-mountable components such as servers, storage devices, network equipment, modems and other electronic equipment.

Server racks come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes to accommodate various mounting requirements of IT equipment. At the same time, these racks must provide good air circulation to disperse the built-up heat generated from the operation of the equipment, while offering good connectivity options to transmit information/data both locally and remotely.


With the advancement of ICT technologies and the modernization of data centre design, cooling efficiency is becoming an important feature within data centres.

A good server rack with the capability to address multiple cooling requirements is fast becoming an integral part of the overall data centre design. Server racks house millions of dollars’ worth of critical computing systems, safeguarding all processed data, transactions, and intellectual property among others.

Historically, however, many data centres have often neglected the design of their server racks and rank them low on their priority list.

With the increase and multiplication of functions in Internet usage, there is a pressing need for devices to extend their lifespan and a reduction of operation cost from cooling data centres.

To address this industry need, ERS Industries teamed up with IHPC to develop the design for a next-generation server rack.

Through extensive collaboration with the Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) team in IHPC and applying the Institute’s thermal optimization analysis & modeling simulation software, the ERS-IHPC partnership managed to develop an improved lightweight rack structure with reinforced strength and improved thermal capacity.

This rack structure has been registered and known officially as E@Rack.


Together with its complementary Automated Solution, E@Rack has attained superior quality in alignment with the Singapore standard SS564:2010 and International standards TIA-942 and ISO50001. The E@Rack logs in an improvement of 40% in system thermal performance, while simultaneously reducing the system pressure loss by 350% in a CFD simulated model of 16kW system power.

These two enhancements will provide an optimal computing environment that prolongs the reliability of equipment in the cabinet, while increasing the power efficiency and improve the total cost of ownership.

E@Rack was launched in the market in October 2013. This new server rack, equipped with Automated Intelligent Solution (AIS) offers greener, a more sustainable and maintenance free solution to its customers. In terms of cooling energy cost, there is an approximately 25% savings as compared to the use of current conventional server rack.

Moving forward, ERS has projected an exponential sale revenue growth from $5 million to $35 million in 3 years for the Asia Pacific market and $100 million in 5 years for the rest of the global market. The company intends to reposition its current focus from low & medium segment to a premium market segment after the introduction of this new high-performance server rack that was designed with the help of IHPC scientists.


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