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Training Package - EMI & EMC in Electronic Products and Standards Compliance

"EMI & EMC in Electronic Products and Standards Compliance"


The training course will provide a background overview and impart participants with knowledge in technologies applied in the fields of electromagnetic interference (EMI), electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and electrostatic discharge (ESD). On top of that, participants will get to review their design’s commercial EMC standards, and strive to achieve proficiency in their practical EMI/EMC diagnosis. Finally, the course will also address safety issues and the potential hazards that the industries commonly encounter during the stages of physical design and manufacturing.

Throughout the course of the training, computer modeling & simulation of electromagnetic emission, immunity & ESD diagnostic scenarios for electronic product will be actively presented, to help engineers mitigate problems posed by EMC through the use of virtual EMC modeling technology.


• EMI/EMC fundamentals

- Definitions

- Maxwell equations

- EMI environment and characteristics

• Radiated / conducted emission

• Radiated / conducted immunity

• Electrostatic discharge (ESD)

• EM shielding

- Crosstalk / radiated fields

- Absorption and reflection

- Skin depth

- EM leakage

• EMC compliance standards

• Computer modeling and simulation


This training course will equip engineers and managers alike with a better understanding of their electronic products, system"s electromagnetic characteristics and EMC standard requirements, which include basic fundamentals of EMI/EMC; EMC standards; computer modeling and simulation for electromagnetic emission, immunity and ESD.


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