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Dr. LI Er Ping

Dr. LI Er Ping

Research Interests:

  • Computational electromagnetics and EMC/EMI
  • Nano-scale integrated circuits and their package integration modeling
  • Plasmonics


  • PhD(92);MSc(86);BSc(83)
  • Professional Activities:
  • Fellow of IEEE

Published Journals/ Articles:


    Selected Publications in the Last 5 Years

    X. C. Wei, E. P. Li, E. X. Liu and R. Vahldieck, "Efficient modeling of power distribution network by using integral equation and modal decoupling technology,”IEEE Trans. Microw. Theory Tech. , vol. 56, no.10, pp.2277-2285, Oct. 2008
    Zaw-Zaw OO, E. X. Liu, E. P. Li, X. C. Wei, and R. Vahldieck, “A systematic semi-analytical approach for system-level electrical modeling of electronic packages with number of vias,” IEEE Trans. on Adv. Packag., vol. 31, no.2,pp.267-274, 2008

    X. C. Wei, E. P. Li, E. X. Liu and X. Cui, “ Efficient Modeling of Re-Routed Return Currents in Multilayered Power-Ground Planes by Using Integral Equation,” IEEE Trans. on Electromagn. Compat., vol. 50, No.3, pp.740-743, 2008

    X. C. Wei, E. P. Li, E. X. Liu, E. K. Chua, Z. Z. Oo and R. Vahldieck, “System level package EMC/EMI modeling by using a novel integral equation method,” IEEE Trans. on Adv. Packag., vol. 31, no.3, pp. 536-543,2008

    X. M. Shi, K. S. Yeo, J. G. Ma, and E. P. Li, “Complex shaped on-wafer interconnects modeling for CMOS RFICs,” IEEE Trans. on VSLI, vo.16, no.7, pp.922-926, July 2008

    S. Ahmed and E. P. Li, “Full-wave time-domain modal analysis of microstrip lines using hybrid FDTD and SVD method,” IEEE Trans. Electromagn. Compat., vol. 50, no.3, pp.687-696, August 2008

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    E. X. Liu, E. P. Li, and L. W. Li, “Analysis of multilayer planner circuits by a hybrid method,” IEEE Microw. and Wireless Compon. Lett., vol.16, no.2, pp.66-68, 2006

    Nano-Plasmonics and Nanotechnology Researches

    Yu. A. Akimov, K. Ostrikov, and E. P. Li, “Surface Plasmon enhancement of optical absorption in thin-film silicon solar cells,” Plasmonics, DOI 10.1007/s11468-009-9080-8, Springer Science, March 2009

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    H. S. Chu, W. B. Ewe, and E. P. Li, “Remarkable influence of the number of nanowires on plasmonic behaviors of the coupled metallic nanowires chain,” Applied Physics Lett. , 92, 103103,2008

    E. H. Khoo, E. P. Li, and A. Q. Liu, “A Frequency Selective Circulator via Mode Coupling between Surface Waveguide and Resonator,” Applied Physics Lett. , 92, 021119, Jan 2008

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    Computational Electromagnetics

    X. C. Wei, and E. P. Li, Simulation and Experimental Comparision of different coupling mechanisms for the wireless electricity transfer,” J. of Electromagn. Waves and Appl., Vol. 23, 925–934, 2009

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