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Fluid Dynamics (FD)

Dr Evert Klaseboer

Dr Evert Klaseboer

Research Interests:

  • Dynamics of drops and bubbles and its applications (ultrasound, biomedical treatments, micropump etc.)
  • Coalescence of drops and bubbles
  • Underwater explosions


  • PhD, Institute National Polytechnique de Toulouse, France, 1999
  • Master of Science, Twente University, department of Applied Physics The Netherlands, 1989

Published Journals/ Articles:

Published Journals/ Articles

    • “Effect of mass transfer on the film drainage between colliding drops” by J.-P.Chevaillier, E.Klaseboer, O.Masbernat and C.Gourdon; accepted in Journal of Colloid and Interface Science
    • “Simulations of pressure pulse-bubble interaction using boundary element method” by E.Klaseboer, C.Turangan, S.W.Fong, T.G.Liu, K.C.Hung and B.C.Khoo; accepted in Comput. Methods Appl. Mech. Engrg
    • “A fast algorithm for modeling multiple bubbles dynamics” by T.T.Bui, E.T.Ong, B.C.Khoo, E.Klaseboer and K.C.Hung; accepted in Journal of Computational Physics
    • “A modified Rayleigh-Plesset model for a non-spherically symmetric oscillating bubble with applications to boundary integral methods” by E.Klaseboer and B.C.Khoo; Engineering Analysis with Boundary Elements 30  (2006) 59-71 
    • “Behavior of oscillating bubbles near elastic membranes: an experimental and numerical study” by G.P.Ong, B.C.Khoo, C.Turangan, E.Klaseboer and S.W.Fong; Modern Physics Letters B (19) 28&29 (2005) 1579-1582
    • “Dynamics of an oscillating bubble near a floating structure” by E.Klaseboer, B.C.Khoo and K.C.Hung; Journal of Fluids and Structures 21 (2005) 395-412
    • "Experimental and numerical investigation of the dynamics of an underwater explosion bubble near a resilient/rigid structure" by E.Klaseboer, K.C.Hung, C.Wang, C.W.Wang, B.C.Khoo, P.Boyce, S.Debono and H.Charlier; Journal of Fluid Mechanics  (2005) 537 , 387-413
    • "A collapsing bubble-induced micro-pump using the jetting effect" by B.C.Khoo, E.Klaseboer and K.C.Hung; Sensors and Actuators A 118 (2005) 152-161
    • "An oscillating bubble near an elastic material" by E.Klaseboer, B.C.Khoo; Journal of Applied Physics Vol 96 (10) (2004):  5808-5818 
    • “Boundary integral equations as applied to an oscillating bubble near a fluid-fluid interface” by E.Klaseboer and B.C.Khoo; Computational Mechanics 33 (2004) 129-138
    • “The merging of two gaseous bubbles with an application to underwater explosions” by S.Rungsiyaphornrat, E.Klaseboer, B.C.Khoo and K.S.Yeo; Computers & Fluids 32 (2003) 1049-1074
    • "Model and experiments of a drop impinging on an immersed wall" by E.Klaseboer, J-Ph.Chevaillier, A.Mate, O.Masbernat and C.Gourdon; Physics of Fluids;Vol l3, no 1 (2001): 45-57
    • "Film drainage between colliding drops at constant approach velocity: experiments and modeling" by E.Klaseboer, J.Ph.Chevaillier, C.Gourdon and O.Masbernat; Journal of Colloid and Interface Science 229 (2000) 274-285

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