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Dr. Ilya Benjamin FARBER

Dr. Ilya Benjamin FARBER

Research Interests:

  • Neural correlates of consciousness
  • Dynamical structure of conscious mental representation
  • Human and non-human social cognition


  • Ph.D. (Cognitive Science and Philosophy), University of California, San Diego
  • M.A. (Philosophy), University of California, San Diego
  • B.S. (Cognitive Science), University of California, San Diego

Published Journals/ Articles:


    • “How a neural correlate can function as an explanation of consciousness: Evidence from the history of science regarding the likely explanatory value of the NCC approach.” Journal of Consciousness Studies 12.4-5 (2005): 77-95.
    • “Peirce on reality, truth, and the convergence of inquiry in the limit.” Transactions of the C. S. Peirce Society 41.3 (2005): 541-566.


    •  “The neuroanatomy of consciousness and the multiple boundaries of moral significance.” Poster presentation, ASSC 14 (Association for the Scientific Study of Consciousness), 2010.
    • “The neuroanatomical case against consciousness in fish: Hard evidence and theoretical speculations.” Concurrent session presentation, ASSC 13, 2009.
    • “Neuroscientific and philosophical perspectives on consciousness and sentience.” Main session presentation, Conference on Emerging Ethical and Regulatory Issues in Human Embryonic Stem Cell Research (Singapore Bioethics Advisory Council), 2008.
    • “An inferential model of choice blindness.” Poster presentation, ASSC 12, 2008.

Book Chapter(s)

    • William Banks and Ilya Farber, “Consciousness.” In A. Healy and R. Proctor (eds.), Handbook of psychology, v.4: Experimental psychology. New Jersey: Wiley, 2003.
    • Ilya Farber, Will Peterman and Patricia Smith Churchland, “The view from here: Spatial representations.” In J. Branquinho (ed.), The foundations of cognitive science. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2001.
    • Ilya Farber and Patricia Smith Churchland, “Consciousness and the neurosciences: Philosophical and theoretical issues.” In M. Gazzaniga (ed.), The cognitive neurosciences. Cambridge: MIT Press, 1995.


    •  Ilya Farber, T. Brian Mooney, Mark Nowacki, Tan Yoo Guan and John Williams, Thinking Things Through: an Introduction to Analytical Skills. McGraw-Hill, 2009.

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