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VERAGOO Parama Kevin
Computing Science (CS)



Mention the name ‘Richard Dean Anderson’ and most people wouldn’t have a clue, but add in the name ‘MacGyver’ and people from the early ‘90s would probably remember this secret agent from the television series. MacGyver became a hero and an inspiration among many around the world, including Mr Kevin Veragoo from the Advanced Computing (AC) programme. “My moment of conception as a researcher was the first time I caught MacGyver on TV! The fact that he was a genius who never carried a gun but instead relied on his incredible scientific knowledge to carry him through his missions, made him quite the role model… but seriously, I guess I’ve always been fascinated by how we need to instruct computers to do work. There is always more than one way to instruct the computer to do a job, but as a researcher, you need to find the best way for any particular situation. This multi-faceted nature of computing made me fall in love with it.”

Although he has been in IHPC for a little over 2 years, Kevin is proud of his achievements and contributions towards the research of the institute. “Thus far, the setting up of an open source strategy for IHPC has given me the greatest satisfaction. We now have an open source committee that reviews our internal research projects and identifies potential benefits from sharing the work with the research community at large…”

Kevin is currently in the Advanced Software and Architecture (ASA) team of the AC programme and he cites the massive computing power and resources at IHPC as one of his main reasons for joining the institute. “IHPC provides a unique opportunity for me to work with “Heavy Metal” computers. There aren’t many jobs that provide you with computer specifications like 128 CPUs / 512 GB RAM or 80 inch diagonal displays at 4200X2100 pixels to play with.”

Hailing from Mauritius, Kevin came to Singapore to study for his Bachelor Degree in Computational Science in 1999. Following that, he worked for 1 ½ years before embarking on his Masters Degree in IT. “…Frankly, I chose Singapore because it was the only country that I knew of, that was willing to give students a loan for their own studies. Spending my own money, instead of my parents’, made me more conscious and hardworking.”

Work aside, Kevin’s idea for relaxation and recreation is to travel the world on a shoe string budget and experiencing the different cultures. On a typical week though, it would be a game of street soccer on Fridays with the other IHPC researchers; followed by a nice classic movie. “I’m actually saving up so that I can travel to the South Pole, Antarctica, and witness the Aurora Australis (The Aurora Borealis occurs in the North Pole). It’s a dream I share with another researcher here.”

On the subject of fulfilling dreams, Kevin has his own set of ideas and principles towards the achievement of his goals. “For me, the ideal researcher is one who always tries to look at things differently. They must have an open attitude which shows that they are willing to learn and share. Lastly, they must also have perseverance – without it, any effort would be futile in the face of failure.”

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