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Dr. Rogerio Manica
Fluid Dynamics (FD)


For many a hot-blooded males (and females), soccer is a sport, passion, addiction and very much an obsession that many live by. From every crossing and tackle of the ball to every yellow and red card flashed, from the swearing at ‘kayu’ referees to the feeling of completion with every goal scored, there is hardly a sport that unites people like soccer does. Some may even dare say that soccer is the true universal ‘language’ in the world. This holds true for Mr. Rogerio Manica of the Large-scale Complex Systems programme. ‘Being from Brazil, it gives me a sense of pride whenever I play the game. I recently joined a team that plays on Sundays but I just take every opportunity I have to kick a football…. I’m most proud of the fact that before going to university, I was in a soccer team that managed to win the city league and there were more than 2,000 supporters that attended the final game, which was broadcasted on the radio as well.’

Being a footballer and a researcher may seem worlds apart, but for Rogerio, the values and qualities that makes one excel at both are actually not that dissimilar. ‘A good researcher should be dynamic and resourceful to adapt quickly to new situations. On top of that, it is important to have creativity and flexibility to provide innovative and interesting ideas. Lastly, it is the sheer will to persevere and be a hard worker that allows one’s plans to be successful.’

These views have been instilled and integrated into Rogerio since a young age and have seen him through from his schooling days in Brazil to his post-graduate days in Melbourne, Australia and finally here in Singapore as an IHPC researcher. As a young lad in elementary school, Rogerio has always preferred, what he calls, the ‘exact sciences’. His foray into numerical simulations of Fluid Dynamics during his undergraduate studies in Applied Mathematics invoked his rising interest in research and the rest is history. “During my PhD days, my group and I developed a theoretical model that proved successful when compared with a series of experiments involving deformable droplets… Essentially, I enjoy working on the interface between theory and real applications.”

When quizzed on his choice of working at IHPC, Rogerio cited the excellent collaboration he previously had with one of the researchers, a good infrastructure with top-of-the-line computational resources, as well as interesting research projects as his reasons for applying to the institute. “Whenever someone says that R&D work is boring or routine I would say ‘Yes, you are right’ to make sure that those who don’t have the right mindset and attitude would not venture this path. For me R&D is really exciting and a single line of theoretical improvement is a reason for celebration. I am interested in solving problems, learning things, try to understand and explain nature.”

Aside from soccer, Rogerio counts going to the movies or taking a simple walk in the park or along the beach with his loved ones as simple pleasures that he cherishes very much. “I hope that I can run a marathon one day or just have the means to travel around the world. I’m also very interested in the game of chess and if I could, I would play against one of the best players in the world just to see how many moves I would survive…”


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