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Lee Hui Min
Electronics & Photonics (EP)


“It is fascinating to know how electronic devices are becoming so small and yet still so efficient. And the exciting thing is, it is our job to make these devices work and improve them in every way!”

-- Ms Lee Hui Min


This is one lady who is constantly electrifyingly excited about her work here.

Hui Min graduated from the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, National University of Singapore (NUS) in 2009. She is now pursuing her PhD in Electrical Engineering in NUS in 2011, on a part-time basis, having taken up the A*STAR Scientific Staff Development Award.

“Honestly speaking, I did not intend to go for a PhD when I first joined IHPC. But after working for a few months and mingling with my colleagues, I realized the joy of doing research. Research suits my character! So I decided to take up a PhD course in order to continue to do research.”

Hui Min likes her field of expertise because of the impact it has on the electronics and other industries. Her main research area is on 3-dimensional (3D) electronic packaging, and she is based in the Radio Frequency Engineering capability group led by Dr. Liu Enxiao

“We have reached the electronic era where we are stacking electronic chips in order to make devices smaller and more compact, just like what we see in housing in Singapore, which had evolved from landed housing to HDB and condominium blocks. We investigate problems associated with the stacking of electronic chips, in areas such as power, signal integrity and thermal issues."

She says a researcher’s life is not a bed of roses.

“It is not an easy career. It is very challenging, as you are continuously seeking a problem and coming out with solutions for it, before taking on the next problem. It is a life-long learning journey.”

On the flip side, conducting research is never boring.  

“The process can be very long, but I will feel a sense of satisfaction when I manage to obtain results in the end.”

She has learnt valuable life lessons in her career, including “cultivating the right learning attitude and not giving up easily when face with problems in life”.

“Family is my first priority in my life, and I also treasure  work-life balance and my health. I feel that is not worth it if life is only about working 24 hours a day, without any time for my loved ones or to stay healthy.”

The fan of Korean dramas and Japanese anime (animation) is also handy with a badminton racket, and enjoys travelling for pleasure. You might also run into her at various parks and nature reserves, taking long walks.

Hui Min likes the conducive working environment in IHPC, which includes flexible working hours and wonderful colleagues, as it allows her to focus on her research.

“My colleagues are friendly, patient and willing to help. And they are especially supportive of my PhD efforts. I have learnt a lot from them in terms of both technical knowledge and how to manage the tasks given.”

And don’t be shy if you should run into her in IHPC.

“Feel free to say hi when you see me. I am more than happy to talk to you. And please see me as a friend and not just an anonymous colleague!”

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