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Electronics & Photonics (EP)



Research Interests:

    Computational Photonics, Application of Group Theory in Optics, Biophotonics, and Nanotechnology


  • University of Illinois, and A*STAR Computational Resource Centre, Joint Certification in High Performance Computing, 2013
  • University of Toronto, Canada, Postdoctoral Fellow [2010-2012]
  • Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, Doctor of Philosophy, 2008
  • Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical and Electronic) First Class Honours Specialized in Photonics,† 2004†

Published Journals/ Articles:


    • 25 publications† with† 20of them† first† authored and† 5 of them second† authored.
    • †ASTAR Postdoctoral Fellowship† [2010 – 2012]
    • Designed† novel experiment† setup to investigate† ring beam diffractions† in photonic† crystals.† The experiment was invited to be exhibited in Singapore X’periment Festival [August 2009].
    • The paper, [“Symmetries† of the eigenstates† in an anisotropic† photonic crystal”, Phys. Rev. B 77, 195117 (2008)], was highlighted in the front page of Phys. Rev. B. This feature of Phys. Rev. B is also called Kaleidoscope.†
    • Invented "Logically Combined Photonic Crystals”, [Singapore Patent Application No. 201307434-9 (filed on Nov 2013)].
    • Invented†† “Geometrically†† Distributed†† Photonic†† Crystals”,†† [US† patent†† filed†† 13th November 2008].
    • †ASTAR Graduate Scholarship† [2004 – 2008].
    • †Best paper award for the paper presentation† (oral) “Diffraction† properties† of photonic† crystal”† in Symposium of Microelectronics† , Singapore [2006].
    • Agilent†† Book†† Prize†† for†† Optoelectronics††† for†† obtaining†† highest†† marks†† in†† the†† final†† year (undergraduate)† optoelectronics† module [2004].
    • ASEAN Undergraduate Scholarship [2000-2004]
    • Best student of the school in the STPM (equivalent to A – LEVELS) examinations.† Highest Marks in Physics and Mathematics [2000].
    • Silver medal in Malaysian Physics Contest (National Level - 1999)

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