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Engineering Mechanics (EM)

Dr GUO Junyan

Dr GUO Junyan

Research Interests:

  • Impact and Penetration of Composite Materials
  • Static and Dynanic Analysis of Marine & Offshore Structures
  • Thin Film Growth and Formation of Nanostructures
  • Kinetic Monte Carlo Method


  • Ph.D, National University of Singapore, Singapore 2011
  • M.Eng, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore 1998
  • M.Eng, Tsinghua University, China 1991
  • B.Eng, Tsinghua University, China, 1988

Published Journals/ Articles:

Published Journals/ Articles

    • J.Y. Guo, P. Liu, and Y.-W. Zhang,Three-Dimensional Modeling of Heteroepitaxial Growth of Alloy Nanoislands,Crystal Growth & Design, DOI: 10.1021/cg300583g (2012)
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