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IHPC Independent Investigatorship (I^3) Department Personal profiles

The Independent Investigatorship (I^3) Department was established by the Institute in 2010. Its purpose is to provide opportunities and incentives for junior IHPC researchers to grow and excel through the development and pursuit of a fully independent scientific research programme, and to attain high visibility and international recognition in the scientific and/or engineering research communities.

To achieve this goal, the I^3 Department awards intramural funding to support scientist-defined and -led original research projects within the scope of high performance computing and computational science/engineering. Investigatorships are awarded on a competitive basis to young scientists who have completed their doctoral studies within the past ten years. Their research projects are funded for three years, comprise administrative support and mentoring, and are evaluated annually.

The I^3 Department features a page of achievements of the I^3 investigators.

Long Term Objectives of the I^3 Programme

  • Strengthen Singapore's competitive edge by achieving excellence in research,
  • Promote innovation,
  • Develop scientific and engineering talent,
  • Attract, nurture, and retain outstanding researchers,
  • Provide opportunities and incentives for junior (= 10 years from the PhD) IHPC researchers to grow and excel,
  • Attain high visibility and international recognition in the scientific and/or engineering research community.

Projects funded under the I^3 Programme

The I^3 Programme is currently funding seven research projects:

Architecture and Computational Algorithm for an Agent-Based Intelligent Negotiation Service
(Investigator: Dr. YANG, Yinping)

High-Strength Ceramics and Metals under Extreme Conditions
(Investigator: Dr. BRANICIO, Paulo)

Nanoscale Electronics and Spintronics
(Investigator: Dr. QUEK, Su Ying)

Numerical Simulation and Analytical Modelling of Interactions involving Drops, Bubbles, Particles and Surfaces
(Investigator: Dr. MANICA, Rogerio)

Particle-in-Cell Modeling of Plasmonic Nanostructures
(Investigator: Dr. KOH, Wee Shing)

Quantum Many-Body Effects on Electronic and Dynamical Properties of Materials
(Investigator: Dr. YIM, Wai Leung William)

The Microstructure of Crystalline Membranes
(Investigator: Dr. JHON, Mark Hyunpong)

Dr. Terence Hung
Department Director

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