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Engineering Mechanics (EM)

Dr. LIU Ping

Dr. LIU Ping

Research Interests:

  • Low-dimension quantum structures
  • Multiscale simulation
  • Carbon nanotube-based nanodevices
  • Cell dynamics


  • PhD, Northwestern Polytechnical University, P.R.China, 1993
  • M.Eng, Northwestern Polytechnical University, P.R.China, 1990
  • B.Eng, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, P.R.China, 1987

Published Journals/ Articles:

Published Journals/ Articles

    • P. Liu, Y.W. Zhang and C. Lu, "Oscillatory Behavior of C60-Nanotube Oscillators: A Molecular Dynamics Study", Journal of Applied Physics Vol.97, p094313, 2005.
    • P. Liu, Y.W. Zhang and C. Lu, "A Molecular Dynamics Study of Dislocation Formation in A [001] FCC Epitaxial Island under Tensile Stress", Applied Physics Letters, Vol. 85(10), p1778, 2004.
    • P. Liu, Y.W. Zhang and C. Lu, "Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Bending Behavior of Tubular Graphite Cones", Applied Physics Letters, Vol. 84(5), p714, 2004.
    • P. Liu, Y.W. Zhang and C. Lu, "Formation of Self-assembled Heteroepitaxial Island in Elastically Anisotropic Films", Physical Review B, Vol.67, p165414, 2003.
    • P. Liu, Y.W. Zhang and C. Lu, "Coarsening Kinetics of Heteroepitaxial Islands in Nucleationless Stranski-Krastanov Growth", Physical Review B, Vol. 68, p035402, 2003

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