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Siemens and Singapore’s IHPC to Establish Joint Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Laboratory. - 23rd June 2008




Siemens and Singapore’s IHPC to Establish Joint Computational Fluid Dynamics

(CFD) Laboratory


Singapore, 23 June 2008 - Siemens Water Technologies and the Institute of High

Performance Computing (IHPC), a research institute within Singapore’s Agency for

Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR), have concluded discussions regarding

the establishment of a Joint CFD Laboratory.


IHPC is one of several organisations under the A*STAR and has expertise in handling

large complex, multi-phase and multi-dimensional fluid dynamic problems such as those

faced by the water industry. Siemens has over the past 12 months, worked closely

with scientists at IHPC to obtain a wealth of knowledge on membrane bioreactor

operations (MBR) for Siemens. This initial work has already resulted in changes in

engineering design which in turn have resulted in significant performance

enhancements for Siemens technologies.


IHPC is also a partner for a second phase of the study aimed at a comprehensive

simulation and analysis of all facets of the complex MBR hydrodynamic phenomena.

Based on the successful collaboration between the organisations, and the significant

outcomes, Siemens and IHPC aim to establish a Joint CFD Laboratory. The lab will be

hosted at IHPC’s new premises at Fusionopolis, Singapore’s epicenter for global

science and technology innovation that will open in October 2008.


“Fluid dynamics is an essential foundation for any advanced technology in water and

waste water treatment,” said Dr Ruediger Knauf, Vice President R&D Siemens Water

Technologies. He added, “The multiphase fluid flow, gas flow, particle distribution and

the complex interactions of these parameters in the presence of heat and mass transfer

are critical to performance and separation characteristics and, consequently, energy

savings and low lifecycle costs for Siemens customers.”


Proposed projects which may be undertaken by the Joint Laboratory include the second

phase hydrodynamics study of MBR; a CFD study for optimisation of an advanced

flotation unit for oil removal for offshore drilling rigs; and studies aimed at advancement

of Siemens proven clarification technology.


“Siemens wants to build CFD capabilities in water treatment-related multiphase flow

phenomena at its Water Technologies Global R&D Centre so that projects which are

relatively straight forward and which do not require large-capacity computers could,

ultimately, be undertaken at the R&D Centre. The more complex computational studies

requiring greater computer power would be handled by IHPC”, said Dr Knauf.


Dr Raj Thampuran, Executive Director IHPC said “I am delighted about the partnership

between Siemens and IHPC, and this cooperation offers a basis to further strengthen

an already-excellent working relationship between our organisations.” Dr Thampuran

added, “Arrangements under discussion include mid- to long range technology plans,

milestones, staffing and resources, and we hope that the Joint Laboratory will

commence operations as early as 1st October 2008.”



For more information, please contact:

Ms. Joanne Tan

Assistant Manager, Corporate Communications

Institute of High Performance Computing

Tel: (65) 6419-1422 Mobile: 9857-3408



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