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Dr Adrian Koh awarded Philip Yeo Prize 2007 - 27th July 2007

Mr Adrian Koh with his Certificate of Acknowledgement

Dr Adrian Koh with his Certificate of Acknowledgement



Dr Koh Soo Jin, Adrian, a researcher from the Large-scale Complex Systems research programme had the honour of being one of the inaugural recipients of the Philip Yeo Prize which was presented to him on 27th July at the A*STAR Scholarship Awards Ceremony 2007.  

The Philip Yeo Prize is a $5,000 cash prize that was set-up and named after A*STAR’s founding Chairman who was instrumental in building up the A*STAR scholarship programme. The award recognises outstanding A*STAR scholars with the best scientific paper in which they are the first author or main author. His selected work, entitled ‘Shock-Induced Localised Amorphrisation in Metallic Nanorods with Strain-Rate-Dependent Characteristics’ was also published in prestigious journals such as Physical Review B and Nanotechnology.


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