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A*STAR Compute Resource Centre welcomes newest member, AXLE - 12th March 2009

A*STAR Computational Resource Centre (A*CRC) had recently acquired a new system to their group of compute servers. Host name “AXLE”, the system comprises of 32 nodes of AMD 8380 "Shanghai" quad-core 2.5GHz and is currently the latest and fastest single-system available at Fusionopolis.

It has 1024 cores in total and connectivity is achieved by Gigabit Ethernet and Dual Data Rate Infiniband across all nodes. The 32 units of HP Proliant DL785 8-socket servers run at a peak performance of 10.24Tflops. In addition, the system has a storage space of more than 20Terabytes in total and a memory of 128 Gigabytes per node. CentOS 5.2 has been selected as the operating system for this system.

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