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IHPC Researcher wins T-Up Excellence Award - 21st April 2014

IHPC Researcher wins T-Up Excellence Award - 21 April 2014

Heartiest congratulations to Dr Keni Wu Chih-Hua for receiving the prestigious T-Up Excellence Award 2014!

Keni won the award for his project with ERS Industries Pte Ltd, performing  Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Analysis on Heat Dissipation for the company’s next-generation High Performance Server Rack System.

The T-Up award is given to A*STAR researchers and scientists who have carried out R&D activity in a local enterprise under the T-Up scheme. Candidates for the award are nominated by the small and medium enterprises they have helped, and are selected based on their impactful contributions to the company, such as an increase in annual turnover, growth in employment, developing new products, and improvement in productivity and competitiveness.

Keni’s vital research in analysing the heat dissipation of the server rack systems allowed ERS Industries to identify potential hot spots in the server rack, and improve heat dissipation. This allowed ERS Industries to successfully implement design strategies that dissipate heat, lower the server temperature, and reduce energy consumption to meet the demanding needs of modern data centres.

(A maximum of three T-Up awards are given out each year).

This year, we have four researchers from IHPC taking part in the T-Up programme:

  • ·         Dr Gideon Praveen Kumar Vijayakumar
  • ·         Dr Tandiono
  • ·         Dr Guo Junyan
  • ·         Dr Louis Athanasius

 IHPC wishes them all the best in their respective projects, and we look forward to IHPC researchers winning more T-Up Awards next year!



The man in the middle: Keni sharing a Kodak moment with Second Minister for Home Affairs and Trade and Industry, Mr S Iswaran (left) and A*STAR Chairman, Mr Lim Chuan Poh (right).


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