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Fluid Dynamics (FD)

Dr. Siew-Wan OHL

Dr. Siew-Wan OHL

Research Interests:

  • I work on bubble dynamics with the focus on bubble sound waves interaction.
  • I do simulations based on the Boundary Element Method.
  • I work on experiments with students using high speed photography and microfluidics.


  • PhD, Mechanical Engineering, National University of Singapore (2008)
  • Master, Engineering, National University of Singapore (2004)
  • Bachelor, Computer Engineering ,National University of Singapore (2001)
  • Post-Doctoral Fellow, University of California, Berkeley (2009-2010)  

Published Journals/ Articles:


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    • Ohl, S.W., Shrestha, A., Khoo, B.C., and Kishen A. 2010 Characterizing bubble-dynamics created by High-Intensity-Focused-Ultrasound (HIFU) for the delivery of antibacterial-nanoparticles into a dental hard tissue. Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part H, Journal of Engineering in Medicine, 224(11):1285-1296.
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    • Ohl, S.W., Tandiono, Ow, D.S.W., Klaseboer, E., Wong, V.V.T, and Ohl, C.D. Acoustic cavitation in microfluidics for sonoluminescence and sonochemistry. 162nd meeting of the Acoustical Society of America (ASA), Nov 2011, San Diego, USA.
    • Ohl, S.W., Tandiono, Ow, D.S.W., Klaseboer, E., Wong, V.V.T, Camattari, A., and Ohl, C.D.
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      International conference on multiphase flow 2010 (ICMF-2010), May 2010, Tampa, Florida, United States of America.
    • Avila, S.R.G., Lim, S.Y., Betari, J., Ohl, S.W., Klaseboer, E., and Khoo, B.C. Interfacial jets: an oscillating bubble collapses near a fluid-fluid interface. Americal Physical Society, Division of Fluid Dynamics 62nd Annual Meeting, Nov 2009, Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States of America.
    • Fong, S.W., Klaseboer, E., and Khoo, B.C. Bubble shock wave interaction near bio-materials. 7th International Symposium on Cavitation (CAV2009), Aug 2009, Ann Arbor, Michigan, United States of America.

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