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Social & Cognitive Computing (SCC)

  Name Designation Expertise Contact Information (affix
Dr. Victor TONG Joo Chuan Dr. Victor TONG Joo Chuan Senior Scientist and Department Director biomedical informatics, social computing, data mining, machine learning Email : tongjc
Dr. Ilya Benjamin FARBER Dr. Ilya Benjamin FARBER Senior Scientist Cognitive science and theoretical neuroscience Email : farberi
Dr. Angus GELLATLY Dr. Angus GELLATLY Senior Scientist Cognitive and Social Psychology Email : gellatlya
Dr. Joseph SIMONS Dr. Joseph SIMONS Scientist Attitudes, social influence, social cognition Email : simonsj
Dr. QUEK Boon Kiat Dr. QUEK Boon Kiat Scientist Robotics; Autonomous Systems; Computational Intelligence Email : quekbk
Dr. Kayo SAKAMOTO Dr. Kayo SAKAMOTO Scientist Cognitive science/psychology; Thinking and reasoning; Concept; Computational modeling/Statistics Email : sakamotok
Dr. Ilker Yengini Dr. Ilker Yengini Scientist design and development of instructional technologies and the role of cognition in instructional technology Email : yengini
Dr. WANG Zhao Xia Dr. WANG Zhao Xia Scientist Intelligence algorithm designing and simulating Email : wangz

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