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Material Science & Engineering (MSE)



Research Interests:

  • Application and development of ab-initio methods for computational material science
  • Optical and X-ray absorption within DFT and beyond
  • Solid state NMR, magnetism


  • PHD inappliedphysics, Gdansk University of Technology, Poland, 2000
  • MSC in appliedphysics, Gdansk University of Technology, Poland,1994
  • Years of experiencein DFT(LAPW) code development and applications,Vienna University of technology, Austria, Aarhus University,Denmark

Published Journals/ Articles:


    • E. Assmann, P. Blaha, R. Laskowski, K. Held, S. Okamoto, G. Sangiovanni “Oxide Heterostructures for Efficient Solar Cells” PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTER 110, 8701 (2013)H.P. Koch, R. Laskowski, P. Blaha, K. Schwarz “Adsorption of small gold clusters on the h-BN/Rh(111) nanomesh” PHYSICAL REVIEW B 86, 155404 (2012)
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    Invated Talks

    • ICAMM 2012 (International Conference on Advanced Modelling),Nantes, France (invited); 11.06.2012 –16.06.2012. "Interpretation of the NMR chemical shifts in alkali fluorides by ab-initio calculations"
    • Cecam workshop: X-ray spectroscopy: recent advances in modelling and new challenges, Zürich, CH (invited); 13.07.2011 – 15.07.2011.  "BSE calculations of L2,3 edges of transition metal compounds"
    • 17th WIEN2k workshop, Nantes (invited); 05.07.2010 – 07.07.2010. "Collinear and non-collinear Magnetism, relativistic effects in WIEN2k"3rd Workshop on Novel Methods for Electronic Structure Calculations,La Plata, Argentina (invited); 14.10.2009-16.10.2009. "Calculating binding energies of excitons within DFT-BSE formalism in wurzite semiconductors"
    • Aarhus Univ., Denmark, QTS5 (quantum theory of solids), invited talk , 5.2009 “BSE and LDA+U calculations for delefossites and ZnO” IHPC, Singapore, invited talk, 2.2009 “Calculation of optical properties of solids with including electron- hole interaction”
    • Cambridge, UK, CCP9 conference, invited talk, 9.2008, “h-BN nanomesh on transition metal surfaces”
    • Stuttgart, Max Planck Institute, invited seminar,9.2008 “Boron-Nitride nanomesh, large scale ab-initio calculations”
    • Orscholz, Germany, Nanomesh-Final meeting of EU project, 6.2008 “h-BN on different transition metals, recent progres by ab-initio calculations”
    • Aarhus Univ., Denmark, invited talk, Condensed Matter Seminar, 5.2008 “h-BN on transition metal surfaces”
    • Vienna, Wien2k Workshop, 3.2008 “Spin-orbit coupling and non-collinear magnetism”
    • Singapore, Wien2k Workshop (invited), 7.2007 “Optical properties, BSE, GW”, “Non-collinear Magnetism”
    • Singapore, ICMAT2007, 7.2007 (invited) “BN nanomesh on metal surfaces – single layer model”
    • Barcelona, Spain, HPSP XII, 7.2006 "Excitons in AlN and GaN under pressure" (invited)
    • Wien, Austria, Wien2k Workshop, 4.2006 "SOC and NCM in Wien2k" (invited)

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