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Dr Guglielmo VASTOLA

Dr Guglielmo VASTOLA

Research Interests:

  • Quantum dots
  • Nanowires
  • Solar cells  


  • Ph.D., Nanostructures and Nanotechnologies, University of Milano-Bicocca, Italy, 2008
  • M.Sci., Solid State Physics, University of Pavia, Italy, 2005
  • B.S., Physics, University of Pavia, 2003  

Published Journals/ Articles:


    • G. Vastola, V. B. Shenoy and Y. W. Zhang, “Controlling the interface composition of core-shell and axial heterojunction nanowires”, J. Appl. Phys. 112, 064311 (2012).
    • G. Vastola, V. B. Shenoy and Y. W. Zhang, “Ordering of Epitaxial Quantum Dots on Nanomembranes”, ACS Nano 6, 4 3377-3382 (2012).
    • G.Vastola, Y. W. Zhang and V.B.Shenoy, “Experiments and modelling of alloying in self-assembled quantum dots”, Curr. Op. in Solid. State & Mat. Sci. 16 ,2 64-70 (2012).
    • G. Vastola, M. Grydlik, M. Brehm, T. Fromhertz, G. Bauer, F. Boioli, L. Miglio, F. Montalenti, “How pit facet inclination drives heteroepitaxial island positioning on patterned substrates”, Phys. Rev. B 84, 155415 (2011).
    • G. Vastola, “Asymmetric crack propagation near waterfall cliff and its influence on the waterfall lip shape”, EPL 96, 49002 (2011).
    • G. Vastola, V. B. Shenoy, J. Guo, Y.-W. Zhang, “Coupled evolution of composition and morphology in a faceted three-dimensional quantum dot”, Phys. Rev. B 84, 035432 (2011).
    • G. Chen, G. Vastola, J.J. Zhang, B. Sanduijav, G. Springholz, W. Jantsch, F. Shäffler, “Enhanced intermixing in Ge nanoprisms on groove-patterned Si(1 1 10) substrates”, Appl. Phys. Lett. 98, 023104 (2011).
    • Y. Civale, G. Vastola, L.K. Nanver, R. Mary-Joy, and J.-R. Kim, “On the mechanism governing aluminum-mediated solid-phase epitaxy”, J. Elec. Materials 38, 2052 (2009).
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    • T.U. Schülli, G. Vastola, M.-I. Richard, A. Malachias, G. Renaud, F. Uhlík, F. Montalenti, G. Chen, L. Miglio, F. Schäffler, and G. Bauer, “Enhanced relaxation and intermixing in Ge islands grown on pit-patterned Si(001) substrates”, Phys. Rev. Lett. 102, 025502 (2009).
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    • Z. Zhong, W. Schwinger, F. Schäffler, G. Bauer, G. Vastola, F. Montalenti, and L. Miglio, “Delayed plastic relaxation on patterned Si Substrates: Coherent SiGe pyramids with dominant 111 facets”, Phys. Rev. Lett 98, 176102 (2007).
    • G. Capellini, M. De Seta, F. Evangelisti, V. A. Zinovyev, G. Vastola, F. Montalenti, Leo Miglio, “Self-Ordering of a Ge Island Single Layer Induced by Si Overgrowth”, Phys. Rev. Lett. 96, 106102 (2006).


    • Battery+Storage2013, International Trade Fair and Conference for Battery and Energy Storage Technologies, Stuttgart, Germany, 1-3 Oct 2013.
    • Solarexpo 2013, International Exhibition and Conference on Solar Energy, Milano, Italy, 8-10 May 2013.
    • Solarexpo 2012, International Exhibition and Conference on Solar Energy, Verona, Italy, 9-11 May 2012.
    • “Controlling the Interface Composition of Core-Shell and Axial Heterojunction Nanowires”, poster at MRS Fall Meeting, Boston, MA, USA, 2011.
    • “Modeling Interface Composition Profiles in Core/Shell and Axial Semi-conductor Nanowires”, talk at SemiconNano2011 International Workshop,Traunkirchen, Austria, 11-16 Sep 2011.
    • “Modeling Mass Transport and Step Bunching on Miscut Substrates”, talk at International Conference on Materials for Advanced Technologies (IC-
      MAT 2011), Singapore, 1 Jul - 26 Jun 2011.
    • “Dynamic Evolution of Two-component Heteroepitaxial Nanostructures”, talk at MRS Fall Meeting, Boston, MA, USA, 2 Dec 2010 (Symposium AA).
    • “Modeling the elastic relaxation in heteroepitaxial SiGe islands grown on modified Si(001): overview on shallow pit and hill patterns”, talk at ECOSS 26 Conference - European Conference on Surface Science, Parma, Italy, 30 Aug - 4 Sep 2009.
    • “Contribution of Unimib to the d-DotFET project from Oct. 2007 to March 2008”, presentation at the fourth d-DotFET review meeting, Como, Italy, 28 May 2008.
    • “Research topics in the Si Ge group at the university of Milano Bicocca”, presentation at the University of Linz, Linz, Austria, 30 Sep2007.
    • “Computational modeling of the elastic field in self-assembled Ge / Si(001) islands”, presentation at the PhD school "Low Dimensional Dynamical Phenomena and Simulations", Ettore Majorana Foundation and Centre for Scientific Culture, Erice, Italy, 27 Jul 2007.
    • “Strain field calculations in capped realistic - shaped Ge/Si(001) islands”, presentation at the third d-DotFet review meeting, Linz, Austria, 25 Apr 2007.
    • “Strain mapping in the capping layer for realistic Ge islands grown on Si(100)”, presentation at the second d-DotFet review meeting, Lund, Sweden, 5 Nov 2006.

Book Chapter(s)

    • G. Vastola, Quantum Dots on Patterned Substrates: Towards Order at the Nanoscale, Lambert Academic Publishing, June 2010. ISBN 978-3838367163.
    • G. Vastola, R. Gatti, A. Marzegalli, F. Montalenti, and Leo Miglio, Detailed Analysis of the Shape-dependent Deformation Field in 3D Ge Islands on Si(001), in Self-Assembled Quantum Dots(Zhiming M. Wang Ed.), Springer, Berlin, 2008, pp. 421-438.

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