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Dr. WANG Wenqiang

Dr. WANG Wenqiang

Research Interests:

  • Data Management on Big Data
  • Distributed data management and processing / Hadoop
  • Data cleaning, integration, fusion


  • Ph.D, School of Computing, National University of Singapore , 2006
  • Bachelor of Science (Hon 2nd Upper), School of Computing, National University of Singapore, 2000

Published Journals/ Articles:



    • Dinh Tien Tuan Anh, Wen Qiang Wang, Anwitaman Datta, “City on the Sky: Extending XACML for Flexible, Secure Data Sharing on the Cloud”, Journal of Grid Computing
    • H. B. Lim, M. Iqbal, W. Wang, and Y. Yao, "The National Weather Sensor Grid: A large-scale cyber-sensor infrastructure for environmental monitoring," International Journal of Sensor Networks (IJSNet), Inderscience, Vol 7, No. 1/2, pp. 19-36, 2010.
    • Wen Qiang Wang, Mong Li Lee, Beng Chin Ooi and Kian-Lee Tan. XStorm: A Scalable Storage Mapping Scheme for XML Data, in World Wide Web Journal, Vol 4, No 1-2, Kluwer Academic Publishers, 2001.



    • Wenqiang Wang, Xiaoming Zhang, Jiangwei Zhang, Hock Beng Lim “Smart Traffic Cloud: An Infrastructure for Traffic Applications”, Proc. of the IEEE International Workshop on Scalable Computing for Big Data Analytics (SC-BDA 2012), Dec 2012.
    • Wen Qiang Wang, Dinh Tien Tuan Anh, Hock Beng Lim, Anwitaman Datta, “Cloud and the City: Facilitating Flexible Access Control over Data-Streams”, Proc. of 9th VLDB Workshop, SDM 2012, August 2012.
    • W. Wang, H. B. Lim, M. Iqbal, and Y. Yao, "An infrastructure for mobile weather data management," Proc. of the 8th Annual Asian Conference and Exhibition on Geospatial Information, Technology and Applications (MapAsia 2009), Aug 2009.
    • Barbara Catania , Beng Chin Ooi , Wenqiang Wang , Xiaoling Wang, Lazy XML updates: laziness as a virtue of update and structural join efficiency, Proc. of the 2005 ACM SIGMOD international conference on Management of data, June 14-16, 2005, Baltimore, Maryland
    • Elisa Bertino, Barbara Catania, Wenqiang Wang. XJoin Index: Indexing XML Data for Efficient Handling of Branching Path Expressions (Poster), Proc. of the 20th International Conference on Data Engineering, Boston, Massachusetts, March, 2004
    • Wen Qiang Wang, Mong Li Lee, Beng Chin Ooi and Kian-Lee Tan. XStorm: A Scalable Storage Mapping Scheme for XML Data (Poster), Proc. of the 10th International World Wide Web Conference, Hong Kong, May 2001.

Book Chapter(s)


    • M. Iqbal, W. Wang, C. Fu, and H. B. Lim, "An integrated ontology management and data sharing framework for large-scale cyberinfrastructure," Guide to e-Science: Enabling Next Generation Scientific Research, Springer, 2011.

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