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WONG Jian Cheng

WONG Jian Cheng

Research Interests:

  • Large-scale data mining and machine learning
  • Applied statistics
  • Statistical epidemiology


  • Master of Statistics, The University of New South Wales, Australia, 2010
  • Bachelor of Science (Hons), Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, 2009

Published Journals/ Articles:


    • J. Pyne, D. Sapkota, J.C. Wong. Squamous cell carcinoma: variation in dermatoscopy vascular features between well and non well differentiated tumours. Accepted by Dermatology: Practical and Conceptual.
    • J. Pyne, D. Sapkota, J.C. Wong. Aggressive basal cell carcinoma: dermatoscopy vascular features as clues to the diagnosis. Dermatology: Practical and Conceptual. 2012;2(3):2.
    • Y. Zhang, G.H.T. Lee, J.C. Wong, J.L. Kok, M. Prusty, and S.A. Cheong. Will the US economy recover in 2010? A minimal spanning tree study. Physica A. 2011;390(11):2020-2050.
    • J.C. Wong, H. Lian, and S.A. Cheong. Detecting macroeconomic phases in the Dow Jones Industrial Average time series. Physica A. 2009;338(21):4635-4645.

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