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Dr. YANG Xulei

Dr. YANG Xulei

Research Interests:

    Biomedical Image Analysis; Data Clustering; Pattern Classification; Machine Vision.


    PhD of EEE School, NTU, Singapore, 2005. M.Eng of EE School, XJTU, China, 2002. B.Eng of EE School, XJTU, China, 1999.

Published Journals/ Articles:


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Book Chapter(s)

     Y.L. Wu, Xulei Yang, Q. Song, "A New Supervised Learning Algorithm of Recurrent Neural Networks and L2 Stability Analysis in Discrete-Time Domain", Book Chapter in X. Hu and P. Balasubramaniam (Eds.) Recurrent Neural Networks. Pages: 169-202, IN-TECH, 2008.

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    Xulei Yang, Q. Song, "Robust Clustering Algorithms and Potential Applications - Robust Algorithms for Data Clustering, Image Segmentation, and Pattern Classification", VDM Verlag, ISBN: 978-3-639-18069-5, July 2009.



    Left Ventricle and Right Ventricle Segmentaton from Cardiac MR Images, 2013-now.

    Quantitative Image Analysis for Biological and Biomedical Data, 2013-now

    On The Fly 3D Vision Inspection Module, Projector Leader, 2010-2012.

    Solar Cell Surface Inspection Module, Projector Leader, 2008-2009.

    IC Package Vision Inspection Machine, 2D Group Leader, 2005-2009.

    IC Package BPI and TPI Software Module, Team Leader, 2006-2007.

    Biomedical Image Processing for Brain MRI and Breast MRI, Team Leader, 2002-2005.

    Shooting Auto Scoring System Based on SVM, Team Player, 2002-2003.


    Method and apparatus for determining coplanarity in integrated circuit packages, PCT/SG2012/000267, 2012

    Method and apparatus for determining coplanarity in integrated circuit packages, USA 13/997,611, 2013.

    Computer method for automatic segmentation of 4D images using a memory persistence approach, Provisional Patent, 2013.


    Supervised Kernel-based Clustering Algorithm (based on FCM)


    Senior Member of IEEE, IET, ISNN, IAPR.


    IEEE Tran. Fuzzy System,

    IEEE Tran. Knowledge & Data Engineering,

    IEEE Tran. Neural Networks,

    IEEE Tran. Biomedical Engineering,

    IEEE Tran. Circuits and Systems,

    IET Computer Vision,

    IET Image Processing,

    IET Biomatrics,

    Fuzzy Sets and Systems,


    Data & Knowledge Engineering,

    Cognitive Neurodynamics,

    Pattern Analysis & Applications,


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