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Material Science & Engineering (MSE)

Dr. YE Jun

Dr. YE Jun

Research Interests:

  • Electron/hole/exciton-phonon interaction and quasi-particle dynamics/transport in organic semiconductors.
  • Theoretical and computational non-linear optical spectroscopy.
  • Excitonic energy transfer.
  • Self-assembly supramolecular structures and physical chemistry at interfaces.
  • First-principle calculations.
  • Quantum chemistry.
  • Molecular mechanics and molecular dynamics.
  • Computer simulation of polymeric materials.
  • Force-field development for organic (small molecule/polymeric) materials.


  • Ph.D., Materials Science and Engineering, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, 2012
  • B.Sc., Materials Physics, Central South University, China, 2007

Published Journals/ Articles:


    • Kewei Sun, Jun Ye, and Yang Zhao, Path induced coherent energy transfer in light-harvesting complexes in purple bacteria, Journal of Chemical Physics, 141, 124103 (2014).
    • Junkuo Gao, Wu-Jun Shi, Jun Ye, Xiaoqing Wang, Hajime Hirao and Yang Zhao, QM/MM Modeling of Environmental Effects on Electronic Transitions of the FMO Complex, Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 117, 3488, (2013).
    • Hui Jiang, Keke K. Zhang, Jun Ye, Fengxia Wei, Xiaodong Chen, Yang Zhao, Laurie E. McNeil, and Christian Kloc, Atomically-Flat, Large-Sized, Two-Dimensional Organic Nanocrystals, Small, 9, 990, (Inside Front Cover, 2013).
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    • Jun Ye, Dongmeng Chen, and Yang Zhao, Off-diagonal carrier-phonon coupling and polaron transport, Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 338, 012018 (2012). IOP conference proceedings on "Advanced many-body and statistical methods in mesoscopic systems"
    • Dongmeng Chen, Jun Ye, Haijun Zhang and Yang Zhao,On the Munn-Silbey approach to polaron transport with off-diagonal coupling and temperature-dependent canonical transformations, Journal of Physical Chemistry B: Shaul Mukamel Festschrift, 115, 5312 (Invited Paper, 2011).
    • Liap Tat Su, Jun Ye, Jun Guo, Siva Krishna Karuturi, Lijun Liu, Alfred Tok Iing Yoong and Yang Zhao, High index, reactive facet-controlled synthesis of one-dimensional single crystalline rare earth hydroxide nanobelts, CrystEngComm 13, 5367 (2011).
    • Zhongcheng Mu, Qi Shao, Jun Ye, Zebing Zeng, Huey Hoong Hng, Yang Zhao, Jishan Wu, and Xiaodong Chen, Effect of Intermolecular Dipole-Dipole Interactions on Interfacial Supramolecular Structures of C3-Symmetric Hexa-peri-hexabenzocoronene Derivatives, Langumir, 27, 1314 (Supramolecular Chemistry at Interfaces special issue, 2011).
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