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Students from Hwa Chong Institution awarded SSEF Silver Medal

The Singapore Science and Engineering Fair (SSEF) is a national fair that is affiliated to the INTEL International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF) that was held in Albuquerque, New Mexico, from 13 to 19 May 2007. It is open to all secondary school and pre-university students and is intended for those who have conducted research over the past year to showcase their findings. Winners of SSEF will be invited to represent Singapore and participate in ISEF in the US.

4 students from Hwa Chong Institution - Foo Chuan Yu, Wu Defeng, Chen Shuang, Koh Zi chun – were awarded the silver award in this year’s competition for their project entitled ‘Crystal- A Light-weight Fail-safe Web Architecture for Distributed Applications’
Below is their account of their research experiences here at IHPC with Dr Li Xiaorong and Dr Henry Palit of the Advanced Computing programme:
“We participated in this research project because the 4 of us were interested in computing and information technology. We had some previous experiences in coding and we wanted to learn more about the latest technology in this field. Luckily, IHPC collaborated with CenTad and offered this research programme for the students at HCI. We were attracted by the content of the programme – grid computing, which would be the next hot-spot of high performance computing. Also, this programme offered an unparalleled level of freedom as compared to other projects. We were not restricted by any guidelines or frameworks. We were able to research into the fields that really triggered our interests and were able to follow our own inspiration, with the help and guidance from the researchers at IHPC.
And soon this kind of freedom proved appropriate and beneficial to a student research project. We found that any substantial work on grid computing was far beyond our knowledge base and ability and after discussing with our mentors, we soon switched to a topic that we were capable to cope with. This was crucial to us for a fruitful student research project.
Our mentors, Dr Li Xiao Rong and Mr. Henry Palit were very caring and resourceful. Throughout the whole programme, they gave us much encouragement and guidance. They were patient and kind, but urged us to meet the preset deadlines so the project could finish in time. They were truly great mentors that we look up to.
IHPC has one of the best working environments we have ever seen. The building was modern and aesthetic while the interior was spacious and comfortable. We were very impressed by the data centre located on the top level of the building and the 3-D Cave had left us with lifetime memories. The café machines in the canteen made terrific coffee, which was an essential companion to hardcore coders.  
Though our experiences were short-lived, we believe that a career as a researcher in computing was not only interesting, exciting, inspiring, but also comfortable and enjoyable.”

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