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- 1st Visualisation Camp held at Fusionopolis!

Visualisation Camp 2009, the annual 2-day camp where Secondary and Junior College students learn about the different computational techniques and capabilities of modelling, simulation and visualisation, was organised at IHPC’s new premises at Fusionopolis. Held on 17and 18 March, the event saw more than 170 students attend workshops, seminars and demonstrations that broadened their minds and deepened their understanding towards computational science.

Students who attended the event were fortunate enough to be the first batch of V-camp participants to visit Fusion World. Located in Connexis North Tower, Fusion World  is an interactive and multi-sensory showcase gallery of more than 60 technologies from seven of A*STAR"s research institutes. It comprises of 5 zones – Home, Enterprise, Medical, Move and Lounge – that gave the students an informative walkthrough and a sneak peak of what these technologies could do in the near future. The tour also enabled the students to learn more about the other A*STAR research institutes and the wide array of capabilities and competencies that span the R&D spectrum.  
Two seminars were also organised to educate the students in the different research areas of IHPC. Dr Ohl Siew Wan, a scholar from the Large-scale Complex Systems programme gave a presentation on bubble dynamics and its various applications in areas from drug delivery to bioimaging. Dr Ohl demonstrated how, through computational modelling, researchers are able to effectively and accurately model the process of a bubble from its formation to its destruction. Ms Like Gobewan, a research officer with the Advanced Computing programme, also shared about her research on digital modelling and visualisation with the students.
The camp would not be complete without showcasing IHPC’s visalisation facilities and participants had the opportunity to view the new Hard Disk Drive (HDD) model on the 2x3 Tiled Display. The new model has additional streaming animations for a more comprehensive understanding of the airflow within the HDD while the virtual disk is rotating. The Lightdraw project was also featured and the students were bowed over by its simple and interactive interface. Using normal laser pointers, users can point-and-shoot at objects on the screen and shift them around with easy hand sweeping movements.
In addition to Fusionopolis, the students also made a trip to the Singapore Science Centre where workshops on games and movie-making were conducted to further deepen their appreciation of the world of visualisation. The positive feedback and comments garnered from the participants ended the 2-day camp on a high note, with many of the students looking forward to next year’s programme.

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