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Science Chronicles Winners for 2010


Science Chronicles 2010 held its Award Ceremony on 8 July 2010 at Infuse@Fusionopolis. More information about the event can be found here.

On behalf of the organising committee, congratulations to the following top winners of 2010:

Category A - Secondary Level

1st Prize - Gone by Grace Ng of Methodist Girls’ School

2nd Prize - For the Bitter and the Sweet by Nguyen Vu Lan of St Joseph’s Institution

3rd Prize - Dream Runner by Sheralyn Loh of Methodist Girls’ School

Category A - Junior College Level

1st Prize - Of Uncanny Valleys and the Beings Therein by Annabeth Leow of NUS High School

2nd Prize - Tears for the Sea by Shaun Ee of Raffles Institution

3rd Prize - Artificial Resurrection by Michelle Peh of Hwa Chong Institution



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