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This year’s competition saw junior college and secondary school students pitting their computational skills and technical knowledge against each other in three different themes – Lattice Boltzmann method, Boundary Element Method and Connecting the Dots. For each theme, students were issued with a challenge in which they were expected to formulate and derive innovative and efficient solutions in order to solve the problem.Hence, this gave rise to the main competition title ‘Solve it!’

Each theme’s challenge required specific domain knowledge to be solved. For the Lattice Boltzmann method challenge, teams had to study the shape of droplets/bubbles in a variety of industrially relevant situations – droplets in shear flow, rising bubble columns etc. and then parallelise an existing serial implementation of a Lattice Boltzmann method for simulating hydrodynamics. For the Boundary Element method challenge, a parallel solver (based on an existing serial code) was to be developed that would be able to simulate arrays of 3D dielectrophoretic (DEP) traps with high accuracy.

The idea for ‘Connecting the Dots’ came about as an analytical game that required players to form as many squares as possible from a grid area of dots. To do so, the teams would have to write a program that would be pitted against each other, with the winning program being the one that wins the most games and satisfying the time limit. This year’s competition also saw more participation compared to previous years, with over 20 teams from various schools joining the quest. After months of hard work and numerous meeting sessions with researchers at IHPC, the judges selected the top 8 teams to present their findings at the judging ceremony on 22 June in the IHPC auditorium.

The judges came to a unanimous decision to present the Gold Award to the team from Hwa Chong Institution for their work on ‘Connecting the Dots’. The judges praised the team for having ingenuity and resourcefulness in the writing of their program as well as giving a thorough and informative presentation at the judging ceremony.

GOLD AWARD - Hwa Chong Institution
(Connecting the Dots)
Team - Koh Zi Chun, Chen Shuang, Foo Chuan Yu

SILVER AWARD - Raffles Junior College
(Connecting the Dots)
Team - Cao Xuwen, Jiang Xiang, Chen Niangjun

BRONZE AWARD - Catholic Junior College
(Lattice Boltzmann Method)
Team - Peter Wirija, Bong Kok Wei, Eugene Sim

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