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Fluid Dynamics (FD)

Zhang Baili

Zhang Baili

Research Interests:

  • Computational fluid dynamics
  • Theoretical and computational aerodynamics
  • Biological flow simulation
  • Thermodynamics and heat transfer


  • M.Sc, Beijing Institute of Technology, PRC, 1988
  • B.Sc, Beijing Institute of Technology, PRC, 1985

Published Journals/ Articles:


    • Ong WL, Hua JS, Zhang BL, Teo TY, Zhou JL, Nguyen NT, Ranganathan N and Yobas L, Experimental and Computational Analysis of Droplet Formation in a High-Performance Flow-Focusing Geometry, Sensors & Actuators: A. Physical, 2007 (in press)
    • Zhang BL, Tan XM, Lu C and Lou J, Drag Analysis for the Leg of a Jack-up Rig, Jack-Up Asia Conference, Singapore, 2006
    • Hua JS, Lou J and Zhang BLNumerical simulation of micro-droplet formation in a co-flowing fluid using front tracking method, 4th International Conference on Nanochannels, Microchannels and Minichannels, Ireland, 2006
    • Zhang BL and Lou J, CFD Simulation of a Clean Bench with Perforated Base Plate, Fluent Users Group Meeting , India , November 2005
    • Zhang BL, Hua JS and Lou J, CFD Analysis of Subway Ventilation, 1st ASEAN Product Life Cycle Management Symposium / 5th ASEAN ANSYS Conference, Singapore, Mar 2005
    • Zhang X and Zhang BL, An Unstructured Navier-Stokes Solver for Incompressible Flow Using Pressure Correction Method, IC-SEC 2004, Singapore July 2004
    • Zhang X and Zhang BL, Laminar Flow Around a Surface Mounted Cubical Obstacle Placed in a Channel, CSE Symposium 2003, Singapore, July 2003
    • Zhao Y, Tan HH and Zhang BL, A High-resolution Characteristics-based Implicit Dual Time-Stepping VOF Method For Free Surface Flow Simulation on Unstructured Grids,  Journal of Computational Physics , 183 (1): 233-273, November 2002
    • Zhang BL and Zhao Y, Simulation of flow through fluid/porous layers by a characteristic-based method on unstructured grids, International Journal for Numerical Methods in Engineering, Vol.50, No.11, 2001
    • Zhao Y and Zhang BL, A high-order characteristics upwind FV method for incompressible flow and heat transfer simulation on unstructured grids, Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering 190: 733-756, November 2000
    • Zhang BL, Zhao Y, A numerical method for simulation of forced convection in a composite porous/fluid system, International Journal of Heat and Fluid Flow 21: 432-441, August 2000
    • Chan CK, Lau KS, Zhang BL, Simulation of a premixed turbulent flame with the discrete vortex method, International Journal for Numerical Methods in Engineering 48: 623-627, June 2000
    • Zhang BL and Zhao Y, Numerical simulations of fluid flow and convection heat transfer through fluid/porous layers, AIAA-99-3627, 33rd AIAA Thermophysics Conference, Norfolk, VA, USA, June 1999
    • Zhang BL, Chan CK and Lau KS, Numerical Simulation of Dynamic Premixed Turbulent Open V-Flame, 4th Asian-Pacific International Symposium on Combustion and Energy Utilization, Bangkok, October 1997

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