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Engineering Mechanics (EM)

Dr. Zhang Zuoqi

Dr. Zhang Zuoqi

Research Interests:

  • Biomechanics
  • Bio-Inspired Hierarchical and Multifunctional Systems
  • Nanomechanics
  • Multi-scale or Multi-Physics Problems


  • Ph.D., Solid Mechanics, Tsinghua University, China, 2008
  • B.Eng., Engineering Mechanics, Wuhan University, China, 2003

Published Journals/ Articles:


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    4. Zhang Z Q, Zhang Y W, ang Gao H J. On optimal hierarchy of load-bearing biological materials. Proceeddings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences,278(1705):519-525, 2011.
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    7. Zhang Z Q and Liu B. The prediction of axial equivalent modulus for composites reinforced by staggered alignment discontinuous fibers. Engineering Mechanics, 2, 2010.
    8. Wu J, Zhang Z Q, Liu B, Hwang K C and Huang Y. Numerical analyses for the atomistic-based shell theory of carbon nanotubes. International Journal of Plasticity, 25(10): 1879-1887, 2009.
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