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Material Science & Engineering (MSE)

Dr. ZHENG Jianwei

Dr. ZHENG Jianwei

Research Interests:

  • Modeling of functional polymeric materials (dielectric, conductive; hybrid composite; coatings; dendrimers; inclusion complex, etc)
  • Modeling of functional inorganic materials for fuel cell and data storage, etc.
  • Modeling and design of photocatalysts for water splitting under visible light
  • Modeling of nano materials
  • Force field development and simulation of diffusion process
  • Modeling of large system by means of QM/MM method
  • Modeling and failure analysis of chemistry & materials related industrial problems


  • PhD, National University of Singapore, Singapore, 2000
  • MSc, Zhejiang University, China, 1988
  • B.Sc, Zhejiang University, China, 1985

Published Journals/ Articles:


    • Huang HL, Goh SH, Zheng JW, Lai DMY, Huan CHA; Langmuir, 19(13),  5332-5335 , 2003
    • Jiao H, Goh SH, Valiyaveettil S and Zheng JW; Macromolecules, 36(11),  4241-4243 , 2003
    • Zheng JW, Goh SH and Lee SY; Fullerene Science and Technology 9(4), 487-495 2001
    • Zheng JW, Goh SH and Lee SY; Polymer,  8721-8724 , 41(24), 2000
    • Zheng JW, Goh SH and Lee SY; Macromolecules,  8069-8071 , 30(25), 1997

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